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PrimeVest Group/Hongjing International Education offers more online CPE course

options. Audio and video-based CPE course options are available, along with traditional text-based CPE resources. All CPE courses are frequently updated with current and relevant tax and accounting industry news and federal tax law. All CPE courses are self-paced and accessible 24x7, with mobile-ready access for completing CPE courses on tablets and smartphones.

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NASBA and IRS approved CPE courses、 Audio and video based CPE courses、 Any Preference、 Any Attitude、 Any Form、 Any Where、 Any Time、 Any People、 Profession Advancement、 Proper Placement、 Peer-to-Peer

Quality CPE Courses at an Affordable Price

Our online CPA CPE, Enrolled Agent CPE, and tax preparer CPE courses are composed with the most up-to-date information, and will provide tax and accounting professionals with the knowledge they needed for success.

Quality Online CPE Courses

Complete your CPA CPE, or tax CPE courses online at your convenience. PrimeVest Group/Hongjing International Education will have your CPE courses reported faster

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PrimeVest Group/Hongjing International Education is committed to providing the best quality continuing education experience at an unbeatable price. PrimeVest Group/Hongjing International Education handles all CPE course delivery, customer service, technical support and compliance management in-house.

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